ander1Photos: Vogue

British designer JW Anderson has launched his final collection in collaboration with Sunspel. Already extremely busy with both his own line and now working as new creative director for Loewe, Anderson is celebrating his last collection in collaboration with the label and believes he has learned a lot from designing for the company, including how to create basics. He says he has also figured out how to rework classic items through his pieces for Sunspel:

“The collection marks the end and celebrates the relationship. Working with Sunspel really taught me how to create basics of the highest quality and this collection is a take on classics – and using the classic elements of a wardrobe and rehashing them into something new. I followed the same organic process of experimenting on the body and cutting up and patching shapes and textures together.”

The designer adds that he has learned to balance his career by working for his own label and Sunspel at the same time, and although they’re both fashion design jobs he says the results are quite different and each piece needs a certain focus:

“It’s a balance, you need that, I approach each one in the exact same way. They might start in the same place but end up being something very different from each other. Keeping focused on the process at hand [is a challenge], but really it’s a positive thing and you gain more from working on both.”

Featuring dresses, tank top and sweaters the new collection is comprised of just 13 pieces in total.

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