Photo: GlamourMagazine

British model Kate Moss, who is about to unveil her latest Spring/Summer 2014 collaboration with Topshop, has commented on her fashion pet peeves.  Kate is known for her flawless personal style and she says there are a few fashion offenses that annoy her – including men wearing sandals. She thinks it’s a difficult look to get right. She also hates army shorts teamed with ankle boots and a few other combinations that she believes just never look good:

”Long army shorts worn with an ankle boot, and in the summer, shoes with a trouser turn-up and no socks. And men in a sandal – it’s a difficult look, even when they have nice feet.”

Commenting on designs that she thinks don’t work on her, she says that “awkward clothes” and “tricky sleeves” just aren’t her thing and she can’t style them on herself:

”Modern, oversized, awkward clothes – and things with tricky sleeves.”

Opening up on the new Topshop collection which lands in stores and online at the end of April, Kate reveals that she has taken her inspiration from festival style and admits she loves being influenced by music when it comes to making fashion choices:

 ”My collections are always music focused. As this collection is for summer, there are lots of pieces for festivals, as well as lounging around the pool, holiday inspired pieces.”

Kate hasn’t designed for Topshop for several seasons and says that she has now matured since her past collaboration designs. She thinks the new offering is more grown up:

“It was seven years ago, the first collection, so I’ve grown up a lot and I’ve learnt a lot the first time around. This collection is a bit more sophisticated. Everything in the collection is something I would definitely wear. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”