Photo: ABCnews

American beauty Kate Upton has spoken on her style regrets, revealing that those moments usually happen just as she gets off a flight because she prefers to dress very comfortably when she’s on a plane but often her relaxed style comes back to haunt her when the paparazzi show up at the airport when she touches down:

”Sure, I do. I think it’s usually when I’m coming off of a plane. That’s where all the paparazzi are and I’ll be strolling out in my PJs. I have to pick that game up.”

Speaking on her current fashion obsessions, Kate says she loves white denim this season even though she does often end up staining her favourite pieces. She also likes to wear minimal block colour outfits:

”I love white denim. I’m obsessed with it. I don’t know, I spill all the time, I probably shouldn’t be. I wear all-white a lot. I like white and blue too. It’s so summery and so fun, and living in New York I have the tendency to wear all-black, so wearing all-white is a great change-up.”

When it comes to finding the right shirt, Kate once got a great tip from makeup guru Bobbi Brown – to go a size up for a better fit overall. She also thinks lingerie is important to get right:

”You know, something that Bobbi Brown told me on a shoot is that she always gets a bigger size and then hems it. I haven’t used that trick yet, but maybe I will. I think it’s important to find the right bra too.”