Photo: E! Online

American model Kate Upton covers the June 2014 issue of Vogue UK. The beauty, who recently tried her hand at acting for the first time in comedy ‘The Other Woman’, also sat down with the magazine for an interview. Kate says people have the wrong idea about her struggles in the fashion industry, insisting it has been hard to convince her agents to get her castings and it isn’t designers who have rejected her:

“It’s weird that in the press they’ll be like, ‘Your biggest fight was with the industry and the designers. I’m like, ‘No, my biggest fight was with my agents, trying to get them to sign me into the castings.'”

Opening up on how she feels about being compared to legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, Kate says it is flattering but they are also very different:

“I always thought Marilyn was so beautiful and iconic. It was amazing to even be mentioned in the same sentence as her. But I feel like nowadays it’s easy to be genuine and show your personality, whereas I don’t think Marilyn had that opportunity. And clearly she had a dark side, and I don’t have that.”

On the advice her mother gave her, Kate says she tries not to raise her voice when she’s angry:

 “My mom told me when I was younger that I could never raise my voice but I could always match a tone. I’ve kept that with me because, in fashion, there can be some heated moments. I’m never the one raising my tone, but I will match one.”