kenzoPhoto: Photobucket

Kenzo and Opening Ceremony designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have some new designs in store in the near future that they’ve just announced. The design duo have an upcoming project involving wearable tech – they’re creating a new wearable Intel bracelet and have now spoken on the special project for the first time. Humberto reveals that it is a unique idea because they get to think not only purely about looks for the piece but also how it will function best as a technological item also, which is something that is new to them. He said:

“We get to think both on an aesthetic level and also on a functionality level. It’s a very collaborative and open process, and I think [Intel is] very much into understanding our feedback.”

This isn’t the only new project they have lined up – Leon and Lim are working with the Magritte Foundation to create a full line of new clothing to support their efforts which is set to make its first appearance at the upcoming London Fashion Week shows. Speaking on the charity designs, the duo commented that the collection is:

“another example of being able to work in other areas of culture that are very interesting for us.”

They add that they plan to work with several top footwear designers to complete the collection, each who will put their own spin on footwear for the new line:

“We will be working along with three footwear brands that are all kind of incredible in their own aspect, ranging from Manolo Blahnik to Birkenstocks to Vans.”