Photo: Telegraph

British model Liberty Ross has just launched her mini denim collaboration with Genetic Denim which is now available on and consists of 6 individual denim designs including a jacket, jeans, a skirt and more. Speaking on the design process, Liberty says she has a new respect for designers who work full-time because it’s so much work. She reveals that she has also learned a lot from her experience:

”I’ve learnt a lot about structuring things and have become even more respectful of all these designers – I don’t know how they do so many collections back to back. It’s SUCH a lot of work!”

Speaking on her personal favourite fashion houses, Liberty comments that she loves designers who create sharp silhouettes, and that’s something she also expressed through her own pieces. She commented:

”My favourite designers are Alaia and [Alexander] McQueen, Raf [Simmons]- designers that give you a really tight, sharp edge. My mini collection is based on all of those sharp lines – there’s a jacket you just put on and you’re sharp and ready to go.”

The famous face adds that she has always loved denim and was thrilled to explore the versatile material as a designer because she thinks denim is exciting to work with as there are so many fresh ideas and options:

”I’m such a denim girl, its always been my go-to thing. I really wanted to explore that – denim’s so exciting now because there are so many different things you can do with a pair of jeans.”