Photo: Look

‘Made in Chelsea’ reality star Lucy Watson has just been unveiled as the new face of Lipsy’s VIP Collection which includes a small range of red carpet-worthy dresses for special occasions.  Lucy will now appear in the new campaign images for the brand and commented that she is “excited” to be associated with the company because she has always admired their creations and thinks they’re perfect for event dressing. She gushed about her new role:

”I’m so excited to be modelling Lipsy’s new season VIP collection, the range of dresses will make every girl feel and look her best! The brand always makes such great evening wear and I love the exclusivity of the Lipsy VIP collection – all of the dresses would be perfect for any red carpet event!”

Lucy has previously fronted campaigns for PETA and said that she doesn’t understand why anyone would use real fur when there are so many alternatives now available that look just as good as the real thing. She appealed to fans to switch over to faux because she sees it as a cruelty-free option that still looks fashion-forward:

 “I am passionate about building awareness of the cruelty behind fur and highlighting the fact that it is by no means glamorous. Faux fur is a really great alternative and much better for your conscience… Faux fur these days is gorgeous and soft. “There is nothing glamorous about ripping fur off an animal’s back whilst they are still alive so you can have a nice coat. Wear faux fur.”