violetaPhoto: Mango

Mango has just unveiled a first look at their new campaign for their brand new plus-sized line – Violeta by Mango. The new campaign stars plus-sized model  Robyn Lawley and the first image shows only a behind view of the model in a figure-hugging black mini-dress and heels as she hold her hair off of her shoulders.

Entering into the stiff competition against the likes of and H&M who also run plus-sized sizes, Mango say they have researched body shapes and creating new patterns for their clothing so that they can be as body flattering as possible.

They claim to have used 40 experts in various fields to help them achieve the perfect 400 piece launch collection, and they’ll aim to add new designs each month. The new line will be available in 7 countries to begin with including  France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Russia and Spain. It will also soon be available online for UK customers starting from January 15th. A representative commented that the new line is aimed at:

“modern and demanding woman who wants to feel attractive, sexy and fashionable,” the 400-piece Violeta collection has been designed to feel “comfortable, feminine and modern.”