Photo: Fooyoh

Swimwear designer Mara Hoffman, known for her bold tribal printed pieces, has opened up on the pressure she often feels to create something truly amazing and original. Hoffman comments that she does her best to channel that pressure in to something positive and put her own anxieties to one side:

“I feel the pressure for us to outdo ourselves each year, but when it comes down to it, all I can do is be a channel for creativity and harness the light to create more awesomeness.”

Opening up on how she approaches the design process, she comments on how she usually works on the basic idea, before coming up with fresh prints and the final details:

“[With the design process] first comes the inspiration and conceptualisation. From there, we start with prints because they have the longest lead time; then we work on embellishments, and finally we create the silhouettes.”

Mara believes that her swimwear designs aren’t limited to just the beach and she thinks they can be adapted to be worn elsewhere too. She offered her ideas:

“There are tons of pieces in the collection that expand past the beach or pool. Our cover-ups can be worn during the day or even out to dinner. I also like to think of bikinis as great tops that you can layer. Personally, I wear bikini tops as bras and totally encourage others to explore it as an alternative, too.”

Commenting on what she always wears during the warm summer months, she revealed that she loves sarongs that can change in to many different items:

“I’m always wearing a great sarong or scarf. I wear one everywhere; inside or outside. I’ll use it as a skirt, a turban, a way to cover myself from the rain. I’ll even lay it out as a blanket on the beach. There are endless uses for a sarong.”