Massimo Dutti has always stood out among other fashion labels with its creative designs, each of which contains a specific character. Now the beloved Spanish label is introducing its new September 2011 lookbook, full of amazing pieces that state elegance and femininity. Managing to cover the most important trends of the season, the new Massimo Dutti September 2011 lookbook doesn’t fail to stay loyal to label’s personal style.

With the gloomy, rainy and cloudy days here, most fashionistas think it’s the end of the fashion year and do nothing, but look forward to the sunny season. Massimo Dutti comes to prove that fashion shouldn’t be gloomy and dull, resembling weather, but rather creative and fun, characterizing your interesting personality. And the latest Massimo Dutti September 2011 Lookbook features all the must haves for creating edgy and interesting looks that will appeal especially to an urban, contemporary, practical and stylish girl, who wants to have fun with her styling, regardless of the weather outside. Cool combinations of textures, light and smooth fabrics, but also an uber-cool mix of colors result in spectacular looks that are hard to overlook.
The wonderful Massimo Dutti September 2011 Lookbook contains super trendy ensembles for a voguish fashionista, including cashmere braided round-neck and v-neck jumpers, fil-a-fil shirts with removable collar, striped and braided cardigans, elegant dresses and trousers. All the pieces in the collection feature light and smooth fabrics, such as silk, cashmere, and cotton.

When it comes to outerwear, Massimo Dutti offers uber-urban, casual, and quietly sophisticated options, such as stylish blazers, waxed jackets, and double-breasted coats that will add warmth and style to your fall looks. Pay a special attention to the style of the coat you are choosing, as this can have a great impact over your overall appearance.
A true voguish fashionista never forgets about accessories that come to complement all your looks in an interesting way. Knowing this, Massimo Dutti brings a myriad of interesting options, including comfy–cozy shoes and super-voguish handbags. Combined court shoes and blue patent leather moccasins look amazing in combination with a pair of ribbed tights, while brown leather and buckle handbags with an urban touch come to spice up the looks of the cosmopolitan, independent and educated Dutti woman.
Whether it’s a piece of stylish accessory, clothing or outerwear, the Massimo Dutti September 2011 Lookbook has it all for you to shine in the cloudy season!

Photo courtesy of Massimo Dutti