Photo: LoveMagazine

Miley Cyrus continues to stir up headlines for her controversial behaviour and the singer clearly isn’t afraid to do whatever she feels like at this point – she has smoked Marijuana while on stage, twerked against Robin Thicke in a skimpy outfit at the VMAs and she can’t keep her tongue in her mouth when she’s being photographed. However, it seems that she isn’t about to apologize for what she says is simply just her way of being herself.

Miley’s new cover is stunningly captured by photographer David Sims for the latest issue of British publication Love Magazine. The image shows off Miley’s rebellious side but with a fresh artistic spin that includes a pink mohawk and minimal makeup. Miley poses with  her eyes closed for the tender photograph.

Miley recently candidly addressed the rumors that her racy performances had cost her a Vogue cover. Although she didn’t directly confirm the reports, she admits that she has had a choice to make along the way and it’s a “trade-off” which she wasn’t about to accept because she isn’t about to change the way she is to satisfy someone who wants to put her on their magazine:

 “I can’t say too much, but it was where I was kind of going to have to do this trade-off, and I wasn’t willing to. Right now, me doing any kind of cover for anything that’s like, a Seventeen or Teen Vogue or whatever, the way that I talk isn’t the way that people that are 17 really understand.”