Photo: Handbag

Australian model Miranda Kerr never steps out looking less than flawless. Her personal style is timeless but simultaneously modern, sharp, womanly and on the cusp of what’s cool. Opening up on how her style has changed over the years, Miranda reveals that she has become more and more feminine as the years pass. She also likes clothes that make her feel good rather than items that are just considered to be trendy. She said:

”I grew into my femininity over the last 10 years. I’m a very tactile person – I like clothing that feels good against my skin. It’s much more appealing to me to feel good in something than to wear a piece just because it’s considered cool.”

More and more models are embracing social media in a bid to show off their personality and not just be a pretty face. Speaking on exploring the idea, Miranda says she does like to communicate through photos especially and thinks it’s an interesting concept:

”Instagram got me interested in exploring social media. I’m a visual person, and it’s a way that you can see life through other people’s eyes. It’s quite fascinating to see a different perspective.”

Miranda has built herself an empire which includes a line of skincare named Kora Organics. The model says that she is very passionate about her creations and believes in them:

”I’ve made an effort to be, like, what products do I really believe in and what is it that I’m passionate about? And so I diversify my brand.”