Australian model Robyn Lawley is a size US 12, which puts her in to the “plus-sized” category as a model, but she says she wants to make the term “plus-sized” disappear, especially when it comes to clothing. Robyn, who is even designing her own swimwear range for a mixture of sizes from 8 – 18, thinks that finding a swimsuit should be fun, no matter size your shopping for:

“I’m a girl from Australia, we go to the beach often, and I’ve been a swimmer my whole life, it felt odd to me that even at 22, 23 years old I was going to the beach without feeling comfortable in what I wore.”

She says that the reason she doesn’t agree with the “plus-sized” label being added to clothing lines is because she thinks the clothes are for “normal girls” and she designs with herself and her own friends in mind:

“You know, we’re not plus-sized girls, we’re normal sized girls, so the swimwear in my mind is really being designed for the average sized woman, not the ‘plus-sized’ woman.”

She also believes the word “plus-sized” is just a negative term for women to hear:

“This whole ‘plus-sized’ term has really had a negative effect on women, it’s okay in the fashion world referring to us booking models, but in the regular world I shouldn’t be called a ‘plus-size’ at all.”