nicolePhoto: ClearChannel

Nicole Richie believes there is no way to avoiding style regrets. She thinks almost everyone will look back on their past style and cringe at what they used to wear, so she thinks people should be more open to experimentation because there is no way to get fashion completely right all of the time. She explained:

”There’s no way you’re not going to look at yourself 10 years ago at any point and say, ‘Everything I did was just great and there’s nothing embarrassing’. You’re going to get embarrassed, so it’s really about experimenting and having fun and knowing that embarrassment is coming no matter what.”

Nicole admits that she has dyed her young daughter Harlow’s hair blue recently but the colour was just about having fun and will wash out quickly:

”She just dyed hers blue yesterday. It will only last a week, but even she’s having fun with it.”

Richie is busy designing collections for her various fashion labels and says that the amount of work she puts in really depends on her family. She adds that she is very passionate about designing so it makes it easier for her to commit to it when it means she’ll be losing time with her family, and she says it can be a struggle to find that balance:

”Family definitely plays a role in how much I take on. This is exciting, but you have to have fun while you do it as well. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Why be in this business if you’re not going to really enjoy it? I take on what I can and that’s just what it is.”