Well, we’re off to celebrate Piazza Sempione’s 20th anniversary. On this important recurrence Italian bright talents of fashion, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi have created the Piazza Sempione Capsule collection for the brand’s 20th anniversary. The collection was highlighted with advanced textiles, intricate details, fabulous craftsmanship of iconic looks. As the designers stated, “a woman that has to be elegant all day long, but we wanted to underline at the same time the Piazza Sempione’s history with essential cuts and easy to wear garments”.

The Piazza Sempione 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection is dominant with the accordion-pleats and washed silk, flowy pants, jumpsuits, short skirts- stretch fabric, clean lines and double fabric, sporty coats, overlapping of printed shirts and coats, pleated dresses in technical silk. This is a capsule collection of an everyday chic and high class elegance, femininity. Check out the capsule collection (the show took place in Palazzo Cusani a prestigious historical building dating back to the 1600s-very elegant really going with the collection) watching the video below.

The collection includes a carefully chosen variety of colors, ranging from sherbet shades such as apple green, light pink, lime yellow to white and black. The designers harmonized these iconic colors with their skills giving them a shape for modern looks filled with elegance and sophistication: exactly what the 21st century woman is looking for. It’s the perfect thing for a woman who is looking for a proud, confident and seductive look. It’s amazing that all this can be seen in the Piazza Sempione Spring/Summer 2012 collection simply through the addiction of simple lines, high quality fabrics and imagination. So, ladies start planning your perfect, confident and sexy outfit for tomorrow.

Photos courtesy of Piazza Sempione