Photo: Vogue

He may run his business predominantly in America, but Prabal Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Nepal. The designer recently visited Singapore to stage a special fashion show at the 6th Audi Fashion Festival, and he admits he is very excited about Asian fashion. The designer commented that he thinks fashion out of many Asian countries is showing huge promise and he believes new technology may have helped:

“Though my roots are from Asia, I’ve pretty much been a global citizen. And it’s really exciting to see this part of the world, you know China, Singapore and in India, just becoming stronger and stronger. And to see the women there and to realise their style is actually not that different from what’s happening in New York in America, I think maybe it’s the fact that technology has brought the world together and made it smaller.”

Prabal also explains that the models on the catwalks are becoming more diverse because fashion labels are aiming to target countries across the world and it’s their way of trying to create a connection with different places and markets:

“What fashion does is truly a reflection of what is happening around the world. Whether the models that you see on the runway, it’s becoming more diverse day-by-day. It’s meeting the demands of the economy and the world you know? All of a sudden the superpowers and the countries coming up are no longer the usual suspects; it’s like China, India, Singapore. And you have to address that.”

Many huge names such as Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton have previously worn pieces by Gurung and the designer says it just boosts his confidence in his own work:

“It was such a gratifying and such an emotional feeling [to see them in my designs], simply because it gave me this confidence that what I was trying to do had its relevance and place in this world. It really was incredibly humbling, because that was not ever something that I expected. That my story, an unknown person from Nepal, going to America and making it,”