Collaborations between famous designers and fashion retailers always give birth to unique and high-end designs, all of which you can get at quite reasonable prices. One of the most impressive and successful collaborations is that between Prabal Gurung and J. Crew. The new J. Crew Capsule collection proves that simplicity, sophistication and elegance with a subtle touch of boldness lead to interesting, eye-catching and unique designs, which will grab everyone’s attention. The collection lays the stress on clean and simple silhouettes, which are described by an excessive amount of classicism and romance.

What makes the collection so exceptional and memorable is the presence of so many oversized bows. There are classy knee high sleeveless dresses, tops and shorts, pants and sweet blouses, monochromatic suits and cute tops, all of which contain some amount of refinement and sophistication. The color block trend is reflected in the collection too, only here the focal points make those combinations of brights with neutral tones. This creates quite a dreamy and feminine feeling.

Besides the line of sophisticated clothing pieces, which can be easily mix matched with each other, the J. Crew Capsule collection also features matching footwear, where once again the stress is laid on comfort. There are classic high heel shoes and medium heel sandals, as well as practical Oxfords and strappy flats.
The collection was launched this week and if you really like the unique style approach reflected in it, all you have to do is hurry up, as it is a limited edition, comprising only 50 pieces. If you don’t make a pre-order of your favorite item now, you’ll regret later on, finding it already sold. As for the price tag, they start at about $198. You can get more detailed information at the official J. Crew website.

Photo courtesy of J. Crew