rosiehPhoto: Zimbio

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley no longer feels like just a model. Already with several creative collaborations under her belt, Rosie is now enjoying having a bigger part in the creative process and is glad she is now more established so that people take her opinions on board. She also likes working with brands who are open to her creativity:

”Those days of just standing in front of the camera without an opinion are over for me. I’ve paid my dues with that and I’m so lucky now I get to collaborate with brands where I can bring my creative input to things. It’s exciting.”

Rosie was recently named the new face of Paige Denim and she believes working with the company is a dream match because she loves how their jeans fit her and believes every girl has a brand they are loyal to when it comes to denim because it’s so hard to find the perfect cut:

”For me it’s all about finding the brand that you love and staying loyal to that brand. Every girl wants their butt to look higher and their legs to look longer. Every girl. It doesn’t matter what shape or size she is.”

Paige Denim founder, Paige Adams Gellar, gushed about working with Rosie, saying she is the perfect face to front their campaign because her personal style is flawless and they share many similar interests:

”With her effortless, chic off-duty style I can’t think of a more perfect ambassador for our brand. Rosie is infectious on and off camera and we share so many of the same interests and passions. I can’t wait to see what our future holds. Working together will be an exciting adventure and a dream come true.”