rosiePhoto: Lingerieinsight

British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has established herself as much more than a model in recent years – she tried her hand at acting in ‘Transformers’, has collaborated with Marks and Spencer on her own lingerie line and now she constantly has a new project in the works. Speaking on her career, Rosie says she is simply preparing for her looks to fade and says that building herself a career outside of modelling is the only way forward. She explained:

”I realised early on nothing lasts for ever, especially as a model – you have to build something for yourself from it. Looks go and you fade. Modelling is short-lived.”

Speaking on creating herself as a brand, Rosie says she is working hard to turn her successful career as a model in to something more, so when she wants to step away from the cameras, she’ll be able to do that comfortably. She commented that she hopes to establish something that will last in to her future:

”I wanted something for when I want to take a back seat. There’ll be a brand that I’ll be sitting at the helm of and enjoying. This is really the start of something I see as a long-term thing.”

Rosie also doesn’t think her job is all fun and games, and says she always approaches what she does in a very serious manner because she does believe it’s hard work, and not just a type of lifestyle as others might believe:

”I see my career as work. I don’t see it as a lifestyle.”