One thing’s for sure when it comes time to break out next spring’s ensembles – there’ll be plenty of skin showing, at least according to Marc Jacobs! Not only did Jacobs illustrate this point during New York Fashion Week, but he also proved that he’s one of the few designers able to make such drastic shifts from collection to collection. While his Fall 2012 collection was full of rich textiles and unique details, his Spring 2013 collection was about as simple as the designer can get. His graphic creations stood out among the many other prints used by designers throughout the week. While they sent clothes printed with everything from flowers to leaves to clouds down the runway, Marc’s show featured stripes, stripes, and more stripes – horizontal, vertical, and at every angle in between – but with a little animal print and Mickey Mouse thrown in for good measure.

See what I mean about all the skin? Make sure to start your ab workouts now – these low-slung skirts won’t be as forgiving on everyone as they are on runway models. At least the short jackets and long coats they were paired with on the runway could serve as great staple pieces in any wardrobe.

Jacobs did make sure to include some more flattering silhouettes. Several dresses featured elongating vertical stripes and scalloped hems, ruffled collars, and stripes contoured to the body.

Marc made sure to finish the show with some glammed up gowns. He added sparkle to all his stripes by creating floor-length dresses that combined the signature stripes with a checkerboard print, broken up by thin panels of chiffon to provide movement at the legs.

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