sjpPhoto: Telegraph

Rumors have been swirling as of late that former ‘Sex and the City’ actress Sarah Jessica Parker may take over from Anna Wintour as editor of Vogue. Although Anna has held the important position for over 25 years, reports of a shake-up came about after Anna and Sarah Jessica were seen together having lunch in New York City recently. Explaining the situation, Parker has now dismissed the reports and says that it is in no way true that she intends to take over. She adds that Wintour is “not going anywhere” and will continue working as normal for the magazine:

“(That rumor) started because we had lunch a couple weeks ago. We were waiting at the elevator bank, and I was saying goodbye. We do have lunch occasionally. I was in no way positioning for that job, and she’s not going anywhere, thank goodness.”

Adding to that, Parker reveals that she doesn’t see herself as suitable for the big role. She says there are many other people who would be more capable and with more experience who should have the job before her if Anna did decide to step down. She says she doesn’t see herself as someone in the running for the position if that was to happen:

“There are about 1001 people far better suited than me who are equipped to take on such a massive, important role, but I’m definitely not the one”.

The actress recently launched her first shoe collection, named SJP, which is available at Nordstrom.