Beautiful and talented Scarlett Johansson once again proved her great sex-appeal and bewitching beauty, coming in the new advertising campaign of Mango for summer 2011. She appears in fantastic makeup and hairstyle, denoting to the tropical atmosphere, which is the main theme of the advertising campaign. Mario Sorrenti is the mastermind of this summerish campaign, picturing Scarlett on a paradise-like scene at the Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills. No wonder, Scarlett acts excellent in her last advertising campaign for the Spanish fashion house, giving her place to Kate Moss, who was selected as the new brand ambassador of Mango.

An entire phase is devoted to cute shorts, paired with minimalistic tank-tops. Shorts always look great on hot and sunny summer days, making a real fashion statement. You can encounter a great variety of short shorts of various colors, styles and fabrics, so you can surely find the one, suiting your style preferences. Follow Scarlett’s example and flaunt your best silhouettes, wearing a pair of voguish shorts and a simple top.

If Mango is your style, you’ll already be acquainted with the main fashion phrases of the brand, one of which is neat tailoring and femininity, expressed though flirty frocks, mini dresses and skirts. The Scarlett Johansson Mango Summer 2011 campaign is no exception in this sense, coming in a variety of flattering dresses and sexy skirts, paired with a simple tank-top or a stylish printed blouse.
In case you don’t want to go bold, as this is not your style, you can just concentrate on femininity and sophistication, just the way Scarlett Johansson does in the campaign. It’s so easy and effortless to create various catchy outfits, matching them with your makeup and hairstyle. Just take a look at the Scarlett Johansson Mango Summer 2011 campaign, get inspired and breathe life to your summer wardrobe.


Photo Courtesy of Mango