3.1 Phillip Lim is collaborating with Target for a jaw-dropping Fall 2013 collection which is due to land in stores on September 15th. The collection features a slice of almost all of Lim’s signatures and takes inspiration from his most recent popular pieces. Those Roy Lichtenstein inspired prints are back with a collective ‘Boom!’ while a key palette of navy, emerald and baby blue is mixed with beige, white and black for a tight, cohesive vision for both men and women – a total of 24 looks.

Pieces are also somewhat budget friendly with the most expensive design not retailing for more thanĀ $299.99. It doesn’t skimp on detail either: Lim’s covetable accessories are present including gorgeous looking tote bags, loafers, pointed heels and a pair of patent black trainers for men. The designer has successfully given the collection his stamp, allowing those dying for his designs something that is really special considering the much lower than normal price. While other collaboration pieces can end up looking cheap or like a rehash of old, dated looks, there is something fresh, fun and new about the pieces he has created, but it still doesn’t stray too far from his usual aesthetic which will please anyone who has ever fallen in love with anything by Lim in the past.

Below is the full lookbook: what’s your verdict?



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