Spring is still ahead of us, but let’s take a quick look at the color trends for the upcoming season. Since, it’s the time when everything comes to life and nature is reborn, the colors are more bright and sunny, warm and light, very soft and gentle. Here’s the list for top 10 color trends for 2012:

1. Tangerine Tango (Pantone color number 17-1463)
A bright, juicy orange shade that will look perfect with any kind of clothing.
2. Solar Power (Pantone color number 13-0759)
Golden yellow, that brings out the warmth of the sun. Make sure to match this color of clothing with a handbag or shoes.
3. Sodalite blue (Pantone color number 19-3953)
Any tone of blue that often reminds of the ocean is wonderful, this color has a very calming effect on most people, so try it, maybe it’ll work for you too.
4. Cabaret (Pantone color number 18-2140)
Pink is one of the sexiest colors, and any tone of it has the same quality. The cabaret- pink is no exception; try this color of lipstick or nails.
5. Starfish (Pantone color number 16-1120)
This khaki color is more preferable to try and then see whether it suits you or not. Try with clothes, or nails and even lipstick. FYI, I’m wearing a lipstick of this exact shade with black nails, and I must say they do look pretty good together.
6. Margarita (Pantone color number 14-0116)
This toned down version of a margarita is a subdued yellowish green with almost grayish undertones.
7. Sweet lilac (Pantone color number 14-2808)
Lilacs look and smell like spring. This lavender shade will remind you of a warm and beautiful weather.

8. Driftwood (Pantone color number 18-1210)
This gray color may not seem suitable at first, for a bright spring, but take a second thought, you might change your mind- remember it will bring diversity with the rest of the colors mentioned above.
9. Bellflower (Pantone color number 18-3628)
Named after a violet blue flower, this purple will light up many skin tones and is a fresh springy take on purple.
10. Cockatoo (Pantone color number 14-5420)
This mixture of blue and green is very refreshing and simple, that at the same time has a very exotic look.
These color trends are influenced by renewed energy, optimism and the promise of a brighter day, that reflect a variety of moods with a mixture of sunny bright reflections. So, before planning on your wardrobe, have a look at the list; it’ll help you make a right and trendy decision, since these color trends will surely dominate in the palettes for 2012. I think this a great opportunity to follow and to get the comeback of spring with a triumphant opening.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images