The arrival of a new year depicts a whole new series of new trends in fashion. If you are a fashion finicky personality, here is the biggest trend prediction for the Upcoming Fashion Trends for you to help you stay fashionable as always –

Color palette for Spring’ 2014:

The upcoming year brings a set of opaque pastels and earthy shades with a mix of vibrant blues. This spring season, the fashion experts working for the most celebrated fashion brands and Trendy Fashion Boutiques are up for something that is stable yet reflective and vibrant yet emotional. The seductive earthy colors will exist in the designs along with the boost of vivacious and serene oasis colors and other shades of blue, orange and yellow. Gemstone and mineral shades will also become a prominent part of these designs.

So get ready to fill your wardrobes with a color burst of serene blues, ceremonial oranges, neutrals, gemstone greens and earthy browns.

Upcoming Fashion Trends for 2014:

While you are draping yourself up in the best furs you have got, the Trendy Fashion Boutiques experts have already started using the 2014 color palette to bring you something tasteful for the upcoming springs. Here is a brief report on what they are working at:

  • Abstract Afro prints

Fully loaded with lively colors, this year’s spring fashion brings you abstract African prints that you will love to pair with your plain jeans. These unique prints will scream out dynamism and will brighten up your attire in a suave manner.

  • Star studded short jackets

As short jackets have been a significant part of spring and summer trends for a while, to add a tint of glamour to them, the fashioner experts are here with a handful of sparkling studs. Every girl will love to add this shimmering piece to her collection as it can be paired up with almost any shade and print. Vintage style jackets with such sparkling looks will be something that you should pick at the first site. This style is here to stay as it endows you a timeless stylish look.

  • Fringed dresses

May it be a short dress or a long maxi, adding fringes to the bust line or the lower cut will give a sudden uplift to the sex appeal of the dress. Due to its free size look, it will give the perfect look to any type of body contour. Pair it up with a pair of sleek heels for a slender look or leather jackets for cowgirl looks.

  • Body- hugging dresses

For all those women with a pear-shaped body or a little bulky figure, there is some good news – body hugging dresses are back. Thanks to Kim Kardashian, the fashion designers for top brand labels are looking more interested in designing such dresses than ever. The best thing about these dresses is that these highlight just the right part of your body and make you appear more voluptuous.

  • Bulky statement jewelry

When it is about making a statement, it is bound to present something big and bulky. So to make a bold statement, pair your solid color dress with a jewelry collar designed using huge crystals supported with shimmery little stars.


Fashion Style Tips for hairdos

Like the previous year, soft waves will stay in fashion this year as well. As per your face cut, you can have it centre-parted or side-parted. These are effortless to carry – just run your fingers through and you are good to go.