Fashion is a constant developing movement in the world. The art of fashion has been the one desirable enthusiasm of women (lately for men as well). There is no world of beauty without fashion.
The Stradivarius company, one of the leading corporations in the fashion industry, has always distinguished itself with the dynamic of its philosophy, making a headway and becoming one of the popular brands from Inditex Group in Spanish fashion. One of the characteristics of this corporation is that, it focuses only on women clothing. This trend continues to excite and surprise us with new clothes constantly. Due to the hard work and correct marketing, the company has now enlarged its waves and spread all over the world; currently having over 600 stores in 43 different countries.

A new and exciting wave is ahead: Stradivarius has released its latest collection of stunning clothes for the cold season. The Stradivarius November 2011 lookbook delivers innovative clothes that are creative and won’t go out of style for a long time. The collection mostly includes knitwear, such as sweaters, jackets, dress warms, but also jeans, killer shoes, and other impressive accessories, including scarves, handbags, belts, socks, that come with a wide variety of shapes, colors and designs. This collection will make you look fashionable and stylish and feel cozy “in your own shoes” at the same time.
So what is the fuss about this season’s collection, really? Well, I’ll tell you; it helps you combine several aspects at the same time – you want to look beautiful, be fashionable, not fall behind from the world, look sexy and feel comfortable. It’s all there in the Stradivarius November 2011 lookbook. Check out some photos and you’ll see it yourself.

Photos courtesy of Stradivarius