The wonderful Spanish fashion brand Stradivarius has once again pleased its fans with the new women’s collection of summer outfits and the new fun advertising photo shoot. The advertising campaign of the summer collection was entitled as “There’s always the Sun”, which fully corresponds to the amazing fashion pieces found in the collection. The gorgeous photos from the campaign bring out hypnotic ensembles of delightful dresses, created in the eclectic style of the 60s and 70s, which is the popular fashion tendency of the upcoming summer season. It’s impossible to miss all the feminine, graceful, elegant and stylish ensembles, created by the famous fashion house.

The Stradivarius Summer 2011 Lookbook perfectly combines bright and saturated colors, neat and lady-like tailoring patterns, giving birth to a line of extremely inspiring outfits, capable of keeping you in a hyper-voguish style in the warm and cheerful season of summer. Once you take a look at the Stradivarius Summer 2011 Lookbook, you’ll automatically start appreciating the importance and great power of vivid colors in transferring your monotonous and boring weekdays into a summer-inspired and careless tropical vacation.
The Stradivarius Summer 2011 Lookbook is flooded with flirty and girlish fashion items, like those high-waisted dressed and skirts, matched with printed or mono-chromatic tank tops, denim shorts that lay the stress on the impressive casual chic style waves, elegant footwear and stylish accessories. The entire collection is characterized by oh-so-adorable nautical prints, floral images and other smashing patterns, which envelope the summer breeze and lady-like allure. All you have to do with those sweet and adorable fashion pieces is mix/matching them to find a new signature clothing style that will reveal your personality and interests.

To complete your new sunny image, don’t forget about the accessories, which are just flooded in the Stradivarius Summer 2011 Lookbook. Show of your great accessorizing talent, crowning your look with the most radiating and colorful jewelry, handbags and footwear, found in the new Stradivarius collection. A great visual effect can be created with the help of those multicolored thin belts, Fedora hats and scarves, covered with dazzling prints.
The luxurious and colorful promotional photo shoot of the Stradivarius Summer 2011 lookbook gives inspiration to all voguish fashionizers, helping them determine their style choice, whether it’s the tropical, bohemian or even tribal chic aspect.


Image courtesy of Stradivarius