Clothing pieces made of unusual materials have always received a great admiration, surprise and attention, especially if they are as perfectly made as the stunning cheese dresses, created by British students. The creative young designers used three sorts of cheese, including Pilgrims Choice Vintage, Extra Mature and Red Leicester, to make fantastic fashion items and accessories, such as lovely bags and “Jimmy Cheese” shoes. It took 1000 hours and one ton of cheese to get the final image of these incredible and impressive creations.

Perhaps it was Lady Gaga’s weird meaty frock that served as a source of inspiration for the students at Bath Spa University to create a runway’s worth fabulous dresses. It’s time to move over Lady Gaga’s meat fashion, leaving it in 2010 and start a new page of CHEESE COUTURE in 2011!
Hannah Jenkins, representative from Cheese Company Pilgrims Choice stated: “Food has become a source of fashion inspiration – the world went Gaga for that famous meat ensemble. So we thought it was time to introduce cheese to the world of couture, and this amazing project with the Bath Spa University students has ensued. Their creativity and ingenuity has stunned us, and we thought we knew all there was to know about cheese. Who would have known that cheese could look so chic?”

The new extraordinary “Versa Cheese” collection features five items – a ball gown with orange melted-Cheddar stripes, another dress spun from a transparent web of white curds, “Jimmy Cheese” shoes and a handbag with floral ornaments.
No wonder, the idea is really fantastic and the result amazing. All you have to do is stay away from the sun to avoid melting and smelling bad :).


Photo courtesy of Getty Images