Fashion certainly can be fun, if you know how to play with your new fashion items. Perhaps nothing can make you feel better and more beautiful, than new clothing pieces and it’s quite natural that there is always a constant search for new stylish items, which arouse the sense of timeless sophistication. Vintage trends have been the source of inspiration for various designers and Style Stalker has also turned to this hot trend, creating a fabulous collection, which will help you awaken the young Hollywood diva style in you. The latest fashion collection from Style Stalker for spring/summer 2011, titled Young Hollywood, is the true embodiment of old time trends with a modern twist. If you like fashion and style and especially vintage-inspired trends, the new Style Stalker spring/summer 2011 collection will definitely appeal to you!

The blend of seductiveness and beauty, sophistication and femininity seem to be the key features of the collection. The streets of the City of Angels and the streets of Hollywood, where decadence meets decay, served as a fantastic source of inspiration for Style Stalker to create this exception collection that simply dazzles. Mixing different elements and details from the world of Hollywood, from the night-life and glamorous day life resulted in these amazing pieces, which can definitely make a statement. Those gorgeous distressed shorts matched with feminine flare blouses or cleavage revealing shirts, adorable maxi skirts paired with cropped tops, sassy pleated dresses and lace mini dresses will help you sport a vintage style with modern allure.

No wonder, fabrics play a great role in a person’s style. From chiffon to denim and lace, they inspire femininity and elegance and embrace your body, highlighting your feminine curves without appearing vulgar. With the help of simple, yet eye-catching and impressive accessories, such as necklaces, cute boho-chic hats and lovely summer boots and sandals, you can make your look even more interesting and complete. So just mix and match to find the style you feel self-confident in.


Photo courtesy of Style Stalker