Maybe you have already noticed the presence of various bold colors all around you this year. Yes, you are not mistaken; the spring/summer season of 2011 is all about brights, brights and brights! We have seen a great fusion of brights in clothes and fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, handbags, footwear and jewelry. To make a real fashion statement all you need is to follow the trend of bold colors, injecting ravishing shades into your summer wardrobe. After all, brights are so powerful in adding a cheerful and unique touch to your appearance. And still if you are more into neutrals, you can just team your look up with a pair of shoes or a designer handbag of some bewitching, fruity color.

It’s a head-turning color burst all around us. Green, red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, purple, zesty lemon, tangerine, all in one word, all the rainbow colors have found their unique and respected place in the collections of the famous fashion designers. It’ll just be impossible not to fall in love with this fine trend and show our crazy and unique style sense through vibrant and electric shades. If you don’t know the art of fusing multiple colors and prints, you can start with two simple hues and then go on and give in your funniest and craziest ideas. With this great freedom in fashion there is so many ways to represent yourself from the most youthful and playful side. The most popular and trendiest color combinations are those of red with pink, and blue with green.

Asos                                                               Topshop

Carvela Algarve                                                      Zara

Kurt Geiger                                                  Carvela

Uterque                                                       Topshop

The best way of avoiding style blunders and still being trendy is neutral clothes in combination with a pair of shoes and a handbag of a daring color. Imagine how great a black mini dress will look, when paired with juicy platform sandals or wedges! Color burst is reflected not only in high heel shoes, platform sandals, but also ballerina flats and brogues.

Asos                                                              Zara

Zara                                                          Carvela

Office                                                                River Island

Carvela                                                               Topshop

Fashionable women have always tried to match their footwear with their handbags both in colors and style. And this year you can go even edgier and bolder mix/matching your orange shoes with a green handbag, a zesty yellow clutch with a pair of red high heels. Besides bright shoes, bright handbags have also found their own place in fashion and style this year. Nail down this hot trend of a burst of neon shades, matching your brightly colored shoes and handbags with a pair of voguish jeans or a plain white dress and you’ll definitely stand out in the crowd for your unique style. Don’t miss your chance to follow the trend of colors. Just keep in mind the fashion phrase of the year: the brighter and the bolder, the better and the trendier.

Oasis                                                             Asos

Zara                                                             Topshop

Asos                                                                     Karen Millen


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