If you are looking for a warmer shirt that will keep you toasty this winter, look no further than the designer label Superdry. The brand currently stocks an assortment of men’s winter shirts in a range of styles, colours and fabrics.

Both the Lumberjack hoods and the Big Zip Lumberjack shirts will keep you cosy this winter. They are great work mens shirts and also act as great outdoor shirts. Worn with jeans and a statement tee such a shirt will look super stylish.

The colours and fabrics available vary greatly in order to suit a wider market. Most of the shirts available offer a fashionable check pattern that is right on trend for this season.

The shirts in question start from around £64.99 and such an item will make a great Christmas present for any one of the men in your life!

The Lumberjack hood versions will protect the wearer from any harsh weather this season and come in a thick jogger style fabric.

The classic Lumberjack style button through hood style shirt is available in a heavyweight plaid fabric and offers the wearer a removable quilted hood and also comes with the infamous woven Superdry logo patch on the chest pocket.

As well as being comfortable and warm, this men’s winter shirt is a great option for those that wish to look super stylish.

You can wear it as casual, every day wear in the cold weather, or as a layering option.

Despite the shirt being a little pricier than your usual winter shirt, it is well worth the money. Not only does it offer both thickness and quality, it is bang on trend for this season.

Photos courtesy of Superdry.com