Denim’s empire continues to grow bigger and bigger; it’s very fundamental in today’s fashion industry and it’s on the way of becoming a significant aspect of fashion over the next few years.
Premiere Vision (sixth edition) released a press, announcing that it “had broken a new attendance record” for its Paris “Denim” show. The fair just ended and the fashion market is predicting what’s going to be hot in the near future (the attendance was up 18%). What you notice is the tendency of moving away from heritage (some consider this to be good thing) and making it more modern and corresponding to the present standards that we live in. It manages to bring together various professionals from all walks of life working within denim related industries.

When you check out the keyboard jeans, you’ll know what I’m talking about. These jeans may not be practical, but they sure are impressive. Designer Erik De Nijs has created the most technologically advanced denim jeans: the keyboard on the back, the speakers in the knees and the computer mouse in the back pocket. These pants make me laugh; this is so exciting and truly original with the mood of the 21st century.
More on the edition: the future of jeans is inspired and influenced by the thriving economy and the newest amazing technologies that helped our lives become more simple; fibre producers, weavers, manufacturing, finishing, dyeing specialists, launderers and accessory manufacturers can also be fashion designers.
So, basically, in the near future our closets will probably be filled with keyboard, non-chafing jeans. I can’t wait to try the first one.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images