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Over the past couple of years, more and more blogs have been popping up all over the internet that are dedicated to fashion for curvy women while combating discrimination and the narrow-minded industry for the “ideal” body type that we see in the media. Girls actress, Lena Dunham, who is an advocate for real beauty in the media, but her recent photo shopped Vogue magazine cover caused quite the controversy. However, Dunham sees it as a good thing that the magazine chose someone such as herself (who she considers an unlikely candidate) to be on the cover and the magazine kept true to she is in the photo.

Especially with the growing demand for clothing companies to use non photo-shopped images and promote real beauty through their campaigns (such as the lingerie store, Aerie’s most recent “Real” campaign), more readers are turning to fashion blogs for different body types.Not only are popular bloggers meeting the online demand for more blogs, but these articles are becoming an outlet for everyone to promote self-confidence and acceptance of the body whiling sharing their fashion tips.

Facing constant discrimination offline and online

When it comes to finding the perfect outfit at a mall, it can be quite difficult for curvy women when practically every store in sight does not offer sizes higher than 16 and their plus size section includes tasteless or maternity styles as well.In fact, sometimes stores can be downright offending to women with curves. Last year, Target’s website featured the same grey kimono maxi dress for both “standard “and “plus” sizes, but with a “unique” name for each size range. The standard size dresses were in a shade titled “Dark Heather Grey,” but the plus size dresses were available in a different name, “Manatee Grey,” which rightly offended not just women with curves, but women of different sizes everywhere.

Curvy women facing constant online discrimination and collective destructionincluding on the social media network, Twitter, when users createdan unofficial hashtag for a “National Fat Shaming Week.” Since then,bloggers and artists have gone to the internet to express the love and acceptance they have for themselves and their bodies. Fashion bloggers have made it clear that they are proud of their bodies and want to share with their confidence and style with their readers.

The best fashion blogs for curvy women

Oneawesome blog to check out belongs to Jay Mirandawho began her blog in 2008 to focus on body acceptance and plus-size fashion with articles in Glamour, Marie Claire, and Since then, her writing has expanded to home and motherhood articles as well. Meanwhile, fashion blogger and consultant, Chastity Garner Valentine, is also making waves with her online fashion and beauty blog, Garner Style and which as appeared on, New York Times, and Elle Magazine. Maybe you’ve heard of Zooey Deschanel as well? This New Girlalways has the scoop on what is the latest trend in fashion and beauty.

Start your own fashion blog

With the growing demand for fashion blogs written by real women, why not start your own? Fashion bloggers for curvy women like Jay and Chastity began with their love for writing and from there, it skyrocketed and became a full time commitment. If you love fashion, there’s nothing holding you back from creating a WordPress or Tumblr account. Fashion blogs are teaching and encouraging more people to be proud of their bodies and share their confidence with everyone else. Many bloggers believe that the inability to find clothes to feel confident is what is holding curvy women back from being happy about themselves. Online blogs caninform women where they can find the best clothes for their bodies. So whether you love vintage, classic, 90s, or girly trends, share it with everyone on your blog. Not just fashion, but you can write about hair and makeup as well. Who knows, maybe you will be the next Jay or Chastity?

With more people wanting to express themselves through their personal style, size should never matter. Read up on the latest fashion blogs or start your own to share your tips and tricks! The perfect look can help you stand out against the crowd and help you feel good about yourself with plenty of shopping choices from boutiques to online stores such as Alight! Some days it might seem impossible to find the right look for yourself, but with assistance from these top-notch fashion blogs as more people head to their computers to write articles, it should be a stich.

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