OMG this collection is amazing. It’s the exact thing you need for a beautiful spring/summer day to look at your best, your comfort and to match you style at the same time. I’ve loved the Webster x Target Collection form the minute I took a glance at it. The collection will soon be available in the market, so take time to choose your favorite ones, cause they’re beautiful, comfy and very affordable; it’s the perfect combination of beachy, chic looks with a touch of luxury.

The Webster at Target gives you a large variety of lovely and iconic 211 items, so have a look as they are the new haute-happening lifestyle designed for you. The collection has a large set of lovely dresses, amazing skirts, beautiful blazers, colorful cardigans, gorgeous shoes and hats featured with accessories. Inspired by the style of late 60s the collection has a very adequate combination with modern style. The trend totally gives comfort and style that’s why it really attracts you. In a way it can be a time saver so you can get your comfy new stylish spring/summer look in no time.

Photos courtesy of Target