Kevin MazurPhoto: OnSugar

Fashion expert and reality design judge Tim Gunn has weighed in on the hot topic of transgender models. From campaigns to catwalk appearances, in recent years fashion has embraced androgynous and transgender models and Gunn has spoken on if he approves of the trend. He believes it doesn’t quite make sense – only because women and men have different body shapes so it doesn’t represent the gender in question correctly. He explained:

“The fact that fashion designers would put basically adolescent-shaped boys or men in women’s clothes is head-scratching for me because, anatomically, women and men have different shapes. So, to be looking at women’s fashion on a tall, skinny guy with no hips, there’s no way you can project yourself into those clothes.”

He adds that the body shape is important in clothing design and thus he isn’t sure if it makes sense for transgender models to take to the catwalk:

 “I’m conflicted. On one hand, I don’t want to say that because you were a man and now you’re a woman, you can’t be in a women’s fashion show. But I feel it’s a dicey issue. The fact of the matter is, when you are transgender — if you go, say, male to female — you’re not having your pelvis broken and having it expanded surgically. You still have the anatomical bone structure of a man.”

Speaking on his personal sexuality struggle as a teenager, Gunn admits it was a difficult time for him because he knew he wasn’t a straight male and it took him a while to identify as gay because the idea was frightening:

“A large part of what I was struggling with as a teen was my sexuality. I didn’t know who I was, but I certainly knew what I wasn’t. And I knew I wasn’t a heterosexual male. The whole idea of being gay absolutely terrified me.”