Top tips on shirts

A beautifully tailored shirt is a must-have for every dapper gentleman. This classic garment has been around for centuries and has evolved into a wardrobe essential.  As a result of recent trends in fashion, shirts are no longer only worn to the office or to specific formal occasions, but are now worn as part of a stylish ensemble by young, contemporary men.  With so many options available, it can be extremely difficult to find the perfect shirts for you. Regardless of what colours, patterns or styles you choose, the two most important aspects you need to consider are the quality and the fit.

Quality is key:

It is worth investing in high quality formal shirts made from 100% natural fibres such as pure cotton.  Not only will they last longer than shirts made from inferior quality fabric, they also feel significantly softer and are more comfortable to wear. Cotton fabric tends to be either 1 ply or 2 ply (such as 2 ply 100’s cotton). ‘2 ply’ refers to the number of threads that have been twisted together to make a single thread. 2 ply fabrics create sturdier, higher quality garments than 1 ply fabrics. The numbers you see on shirt fabrics, (100’s or 140’s for example), refer to the length of the yarn. A higher thread count means a finer yarn which creates a smoother, more expensive fabric. Traditional Jermyn Street shirts are renowned for being crafted from superior quality cotton and are beautifully tailored.

perfect formal shirt

Find your fit:

The second top tip is to find a fit that suits you. The fit of a shirt says a lot about its wearer and an ill-fitting shirt is a common fashion faux pas. Fits reflect fashion trends and currently shirts and suits are getting slimmer and slimmer. Whether you are trend led or not, the most important rule is to choose the fit you feel confident and comfortable in. This really depends on personal taste as well as understanding your body shape. Here are four popular fits available:

The classic fit is tailored with a boxier shape which creates a traditional silhouette. It has the most generous cut and is suited to men who prefer a looser feel or men with larger builds.

The slim fit is currently in vogue for fashionable gentlemen as it combines both style and comfort. It is gently tapered at the waist and creates a relaxed, contemporary silhouette.

If you are searching for a medium fitting style, the tailored fit is for you. It offers a tailored cut that is not as generous as the classic fit and not as closely cut as the slim fit.

The extra slim fit caters for gentlemen with slender physiques, searching for a sharp, streamlined look. These beautifully tailored shirts are the most fitted have become increasingly trendy over the years.

If you take into account these key principals, finding the perfect shirt for you should no longer be a daunting prospect. Whether you opt for a traditional white button down, or brightly coloured checks, nothing looks sharper than an exquisitely crafted, high quality shirt that fits beautifully.


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