With the fall season next door, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the upcoming fashion tendencies and get ready to look flawless and stylish in the new season. Fashion trends change from season to season and to look fashionable in every season, it’s advised to take a look at the new color trends and styles in advances. If you want to be well prepared for the upcoming season, check out the new Topshop fall 2011 lookbook, where you’ll find any style matching your personality.

What makes the Topshop fall 2011 lookbook so exceptional and attractive is the domination of various styles and trends, and the unique atmosphere of freshness. So if you are ready, let’s take a quick journey through the hottest trends of the season, represented by Topshop.
Glam Rock
Faux fur is one of the hottest trends of the upcoming season, as it brings a certain dose of glamour and refinement. Topshop has reflected this trend in its latest lookbook, letting you match your faux-fur with everything, from skinny jeans to cocktail dresses. If you don’t like daring colors, opt for a dark shade, which will go with your entire wardrobe, or if you want to be immediately spotted in the crowd, choose a hot pink coat that simple dazzles.
Straight Up Straight Down
The pencil skirt teamed up with a tucked in top looks very trendy this fall, so make sure to experiment with this trend as well. Besides, pencil skirts fit any body type, bringing out the best feminine curves without looking vulgar. It’s a harmonious balance between sexy and classical, so mix and match to get a stunning look on any occasion.

Boyish Charm
If masculine inspired outfits are what you feel at the best in, you’ll definitely enjoy the Topshop fall 2011 lookbook, as it brings an array of masculine jackets, crombie coats, tight finning pants and much more. Bring out your inner Tomboy without losing your sense of femininity by pairing your masculine outfits with girlish and coquettish items, as seen in the lookbook.
A Touch Above
This season vintage style pants, cut right above the ankle, make a great revolution, becoming an important item in your vintage inspired closet. You can match this type of pants with high heels or oxford shoes and stylish ankle socks for a more impressive look.

Novelty Knits
Another new and popular trend for fall 2011 that Topshop brings is girlish novelty knits with various eye-catching prints, like dogs, bunnies and more. Pair it with stylish skirts, shorts or pants and make sure to stand out everywhere you go.
Walk This Way
Topshop has selected Chelsea boots as the season’s hottest footwear, which is capable of adding that “je ne sais quoi” to your look. From cool studded toes to block heels, your Chelsea boots will look stylish and exceptional on any occasion.
These were the hottest trends for fall 2011 according to Topshop, keep in touch for more details.

Photo courtesy of Topshop