tyPhoto: Zimbio

Model and ‘America’s Next Top Model’ judge Tyra Banks has commented that she doesn’t approve of the ‘plus-sized’ term that is commonly used now to describe models who are over the average measurements seen on the catwalk. Tyra hopes to promote a healthier body image by using a different term of her own invention – fiercely real – which she feels is less offensive because it sounds less negative. She said:

“I don’t like the label ‘plus-size’ — I call it ‘fiercely real.’ On ‘Top Model,’ we call it fiercely real. I don’t want to use the term ‘plus-size,’ because, to me, what the hell is that? It just doesn’t have a positive connotation to it. I tend to not use it.”

Although plus-sized models are getting more work than ever currently, Tyra wants to continue to work hard to make sure this isn’t merely a fad. She wants a range of body sizes to be in the media so it becomes normal:

“We just need to make sure it’s not a trend and that it’s something that’s normal, because this stuff comes in waves and it would be nice to see it become constant.”

Tyra believes girls needs to simply stop comparing themselves to others when it comes to body happiness because no one is the same and everyone’s body is different. She says that while Kate Upton is often labeled curvy, others would still categorize her as thin:

“Not everyone can look like Kate Upton, Kate Upton’s body, as curvy as she is, to a lot of people that’s still thin.”