The world of fashion does not stop surprising us with its originality and the ability to create the unimaginable, to strive beyond the real and the surreal. Matthew Brodie has created something of a kind; the famous art director has designed a collection of clothes made out of paper. Yes, you read correctly; simple, plain A3 sheet paper that we use every single day.
The team of highly specialized professionals, as well as world-famous John Galliano, came up with five complete dresses. According to Brodie, the whole process was very fun and challenging and in the result of hard work, the collection turned out to be something rather amazing.

The limits of the imagination are infinite: Matthew Brodie collection proves us with its whole sense. As we look at these extravagant and elaborately crafted dresses, we come to the conclusion that anything is possible (even to make a simple material, such as paper, look vibrant and sexy, clever and playful).
The dresses are breathtaking and flawless; they are completely unexpected and different showing a great fusion of skills – nothing like I’ve seen before (it leaves the viewers absolutely speechless).
As the artist describes, “We really wanted to create something beautiful from a material that doesn’t normally lend itself to being draped and shaped on a living being”.

Thinking of all the properties of paper and what they could do with it – fold, crease, burn, tear and etc, the designers came to the idea step by step and in the end came down to an idea that turned out to be fairly interesting and rather challenging.
The collection is indeed unique and extravagant; it brainwashes your imagination and takes you beyond limits. Matthew Brodie was somehow able to combine beauty, uniqueness and laughter altogether in one collection.
The shoot, featuring famous supermodels, was for Madame Magazine.

Photos courtesy of Matthew Brodie