Wedding dresses make the most important attribute for every single girl, when her big day arrives. For centuries, girls have been wearing white wedding dresses, which embody purity and innocence. Throughout the period, the designs of the wedding gowns changed, while the color has always been the same. To make things different, many girls choose either ivory or creamy, however no one has ever wanted to diverge from the white palette. Moreover, it’s the dream of every single girl to appear at her wedding wearing a gorgeous white, creamy or ivory dress.

However, if you are a talented designer, especially in this beautiful field, and have got a soaring fantasy, there is nothing impossible for you. Vera Wang, best known for her gorgeous wedding dresses and evening gowns, is of the opinion that a wedding dress can also be black. Designing an exclusive collection of black wedding gowns, Wang invokes to bring some change in the fashion of bridal gowns.
Known for her inclination of experimenting with colors, Vera Wang surprises the world to the max this time. She has tried green, blue and purple, and for her spring 2012 collection she has gone to the extreme, choosing the black color, which is really refined, timeless and fantastic, yet more appropriate for mourning ceremonies.
Sending 9 models from her queer collection of black bridal dresses down the runway, Vera Wang managed to cause “ooohs” and “aaahs” with her revolutionary approach. Of course, all the designs were extremely chic, luxurious and gorgeous, yet when it comes to the color, it’s a big matter of choice…

The designer explains her collection the following way: “I found black to be fresh and tongue in cheek. With all the big weddings that happened this year, it was fun to step out of the box. I did take it to a witchy kind of place. For me, it helped build a sense of mystery that I was hungry for. And it added this sensuality and sexuality, and a little bit of severity, too.”
Maybe the idea is really original, but would you choose black for your big day?

Photo courtesy of Vera Wang