vicPhoto: zimbio

Victoria Beckham has already found plenty of success as a fashion designer and it looks as though she is keen to continue branching out in to new areas. The singer-turned-designer explained during a new interview that moving in to accessories, specifically with a shoe collection, is the next natural move for her to make with her label. Victoria even called upon student designers to pitch her ideas:

“You know, I do want to start a shoe collection. If anybody here is a shoe designer, please do come and see me! I definitely think  shoes is probably the next category that I’ll look at going into.”

However, Victoria believes that going in to shoe design might not be as easy as it sounds and she explains it can be quite a complicated process, especially because she wouldn’t be interested in just a single shoe and would want to make several designs if she was going to give it a shot. She also admits that there are already so many other fantastic shoe designers in the luxury sector which can be tough competition for anyone starting off. Victoria explained:

“It’s quite a competitive category but I would love to go into it. I actually work with Manolo Blahnik on the shoes for my show every season and working with him is remarkable. I think it’s very complicated, I wouldn’t just want to do a signature shoe — I’d have to make sure I’m working with the right factories, do a flat.”