‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson is a fresh-faced beauty on the August issue of Teen Vogue. The actress, who stars in Sofia Coppola’s new film ‘The Bling Ring’ has spoken on coming to terms with her own fame. She thinks that nothing she’ll work on ever again will be as big as the film series and she does say she felt very protected during the filming:

“I think, in a way, I was very protected during Harry Potter, because I was working all the time. I would get in the car, go to the studio, and go home… It’s past the point now. Harry Potter was so massive, I don’t know if [my other projects] would even touch it, honestly, even make a dent.”

Opening up on her future plans, the stylish star says she wishes she had a more organized plan for her future but currently doesn’t:

“I wish so badly that I could have a plan. I’m someone who likes to be organized and know what she’s doing, and this industry just does not permit that in any shape or form. You never know when a movie is going to start, if it’s going to get financing, where it’s going to be.”

Check out the video above for a closer look at the issue!