In order to dress in the most flattering way, one of the first steps is figuring out your shape and how to dress it. There are many body shapes out there and not everyone is the same. Despite what we see on the catwalks, bodies come in all shapes and sizes and everyone can look great and dress stylishly! Examine what parts of your body your happy to flaunt – your best assets – and what parts you are less happy with people seeing – and you can work on smartly dressing them with the right clothes to conceal them.

For example: if your proud of your cleavage but hate your stomach, find a plunging top that has a high band just underneath the cleavage area so it will float seamlessly over the area you don’t want on show and draw attention to a part you love. This is the key to dressing to looking great and feeling fantastic! Check out some of the handy tips in the video above and discover how to get started.