alexPhoto: Telegraph

Vogue UK’s editor Alexandra Shulman has spoken on what the perfect cover and cover girl for the magazine would look like. She says that people like the cover girls to look happy and ultimately “lovely” while they should also be quite conventionally attractive. She adds that people aren’t really interested in seeing “real people” on the cover because they use the magazine as a form of escapism:

“Broadly speaking, if you’re going to talk about a model or a personality, it’s kind of a quite middle view of what beauty is, quite conventional. Probably smiling, in a pretty dress, somebody looking kind of ‘lovely. [She’s] the most perfect girl next door, better than yourself. People always say, ‘Why do you have thin models? That’s not what people look like.’ But nobody wants to see a real person on the cover.”

On the huge and widely discussed issue of weight, Alexandra says she has often voiced concerns for models and pushed designers to use larger sizes on the catwalk. However, she knows that people aren’t interested in what is average when it comes to magazines and believes being thin is part of the fantasy when it comes to actually selling copies of Vogue. She says it’s an escape for people:

 “Vogue is a magazine about fantasy to some extent and dreams and it’s an escape from real life. People don’t want to buy a magazine like Vogue to see what they see when look at in the mirror. They can do that for free.”