When shopping, you want to look your best, be comfortable and make things as easy as possible for yourself. If your goal is to try on loads of new outfits in store or in various different stores, then dressing in an outfit that is quick and easy to slip on and off will save you loads of time and make the whole ‘trying on’ process so much easier. Dresses, open cardigans and slipper style shoes will make the process a 2-minute change instead of a 20-minute reassemble ordeal each time you want to try a new item on.

Another great idea to help you shop, is to wear an outfit that represents your style, or something you wear regularly. You can use this as a base to see how your potential new items might fit in with your wardrobe. You’ll be able to see if a new piece will fit with your look and meld well with everything else you own in an instant.

Check out some of the best shopping tips in the video above to make the most of your time shopping!