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Lena Dunham has had a pretty major year. She’s the director and one of the stars of the hit HBO show Girls, for which she earned 4 Emmy nominations and 2 Golden Globe awards, she signed a book deal for almost $4 million, and she’s blazing a trail for other funny, powerful women in the entertainment industry. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and express herself, including through her sense of style. For instance, Dunham has made it clear that one of her least favorite articles of clothing is a pair of pants!

Her knack for wearing anything and everything that shows off her legs has become a talking point almost more important than everything that the 26-year-old has achieved in her career so far. At an event back in September, Lena wore an oversized teal shirt and shorts so short that it appeared she wasn’t wearing bottoms at all. The media was quick to criticize her for showing off thighs that don’t look like toothpicks. Dunham wasn’t fazed by all the flack though. She’s now opening up about the short shorts ordeal, staring,

“I don’t think a girl with tiny thighs would have received such no-pants attention. I think what it really was … ‘Why did you all make us look at your thighs?’ My response is, get used to it because I am going to live to be 100, and I am going to show my thighs every day till I die.”

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To back up this bold statement, the triple threat star was recently photographed for V magazine wearing upscale bodysuits, jackets, and heels, but no pants!

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The clothes Dunham does wear were, of course, a main topic of conversation during her interview with the publication. She admitted that she has received plenty of free clothing lately. Designers are recognizing her true size and sending flattering pieces for her to wear to events, which surprises Lena. Of her newly expanded wardrobe, she says,

“I cannot deny it, and I cannot get over it. And they actually send them in my size. No one’s being an asshole and sending them to me in a 4. They’re sending me clothes, they fit, and what people should know is that I always wear them. Somehow even if I wouldn’t have bought it, the fact that it was free and my grandma’s depression-era mentality make me think it is the most beautiful thing I ever owned, and I wear it for several days straight.”

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Lena Dunham isn’t the only star who is regularly sent free clothes in exchange for nothing but the publicity the designer will get for having celebrities wear their clothes. In fact, most celebs are sent clothes all the time. Check out the 2 stars below for their take on what it’s like to wear things they’ve been given for free.

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We’ve all seen the crazy clothes Sarah Jessica Parker got to wear during her time playing Carrie Bradshaw on HBO’s Sex and the City, as well as in both of the movie adaptations of the series. It turns out Parker shares the same love of clothes as her character does! It was reportedly written into her contract that she got first dibs on anything from the $10 million wardrobe amassed for the films. The actress and costumer designer Patricia Field both attribute this obsession with freebies to Parker’s humble upbringings. After growing up poor, SJP is extremely frugal and delights in the things she has now that she never could before.


Vanessa Hudgens

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What other starlet loves being gifted clothes from the top designers? Vanessa Hudgens! The actress has said that one of the top perks of being famous is that she’s given plenty of free clothes. She’s actually expressed shock over how far designers will go to get their designs on the backs of celebrities. When she attended New York Fashion Week a few years ago, she arrived in her hotel room and found bags and bags of clothing designers sent to her in hopes she’d wear them to the shows. Hudgens says it felt “like Christmas morning” and that it’s especially great because she gets to keep all the pieces.