The youthful and playful Spanish brand Zara always knows how to bring pleasant surprises for Zara folks. It always comes with fresh and lovely monthly lookbooks, all of which contain the hottest trends of the season. It’s already May, and as it was expected Zara presented its May collection, full of pure and sophisticated fashion elements. It’s surprising how Zara managed to cover so many trends: clear whites, pastel tones, brights, prints, clear cuts and dapper tailoring have all found their refined place in the Zara May 2011 lookbook. No one will doubt that the Zara May 2011 lookbook was especially created for young girls, who are in love with fashion.

An entire phase in the collection is devoted to whites. With such a great versatility it possesses, white is characterized by purity and sensibility, an adorable and wearable vibe. A simple white shirt seems never to be out of style, coming back every season in new reinvented and reshaped versions. No matter combined with denim or a colorful blazer, it looks stunning especially in the season of summer. The Zara May 2011 lookbook is full of white items, like white skirts, dresses and shirts, pants and shorts. If you have been thinking that white is quite boring and monotonous, it’s high time to get out of boxes and start experimenting with it. Want to get an eye-catching and bold look? Pick up a white shirt and match it with a shiny skirt and sexy high-heeled sandals, and you’ll dazzle everyone around you.

Alongside with white, Zara has also concentrated on neutral and pastel hues, such as beige, rose pink and also the faithful black. Your attention will be hooked by that little black dress and the linen beige coat. There isn’t a single doubt that black and neutral shades look amazing in any season and any time.

In the season of bright and vivid shades, Zara just couldn’t pass by this trend indifferent. The Zara May 2011 lookbook features lots of flashy and catchy colors, fun prints, capable to add a cheerful twist to your appearance. Vivid red and deep blue, zesty orange and lots of dazzling prints have all found their unique place in the collection. So turn on your style fantasy and start mix/matching various brights with brights, and even with prints. Surely the best solution will be that combination of brights and neutral shades. Anyways, keep in mind that this year anything will do. Whatever you do, try not to overdo with your accessories, which will make your look appear rather trashy and tasteless.
Besides fine clothing pieces, the Zara May 2011 lookbook has also created a fantastic line of footwear, comprising trendy high-heeled sandals, glitter court shoes, roman sandals and ballet shoes with shiny toe. As you see, the Zara May 2011 lookbook has everything a voguish fashionizer would ever dream of!

Photo courtesy of Zara