If you are of the opinion that winter clothes are devoid of style and they are only for keeping you warm, then perhaps you haven’t seen the latest Zara collection for fall/winter 2011-2012 yet. So versatile, wearable and affordable, the new Zara TRF October 2011 lookbook is the deal, when it comes to warm and cozy, functional clothes that exude a high dose of style. From breezy and fluffy blouses, adorable skirts and cute dresses to baggy jeans, loose tees and warm coats, the collection has it all to solve all your style dilemmas. Skim through the easy-to-wear and cozy ensembles to select your favorites in order to look stunning everywhere you go.

Staying true to Zara’s principles, which is creating highly functional and comfortable clothes that meet the latest trends, the Zara TRF October 2011 lookbook goes for practical and trendy colors, fabrics, cuts and lines for a myriad of voguish combinations. And for those who lack style imagination, here is the beautiful lookbook, teaching you the easy options of sporting a variety of looks, from casual to sophisticated ones.
The first thing most fashionistas look for in the cold and gloomy season of winter is a cozy and stylish coat, and Zara brings a myriad of designs to choose from. From timeless white, military-inspired to boiled wool and parkas, the new Zara coats will definitely appeal to a large group of voguish fashionistas.

When it comes to affordable fashion, it’s much difficult to find the right deal, something, which will be functional, trendy and budget-friendly at the same time. Yet, this is not the thing with Zara, as it always knows what to create to make its customers satisfied. Relaxed, casual, yet elegant, the latest Zara TRF Lookbook October 2011 manages to cover the hottest trends of the season and meet its customer’s needs. Tailored pants, a great array of jeans, jeans, from baggy and skinny to bell bottom and high-waisted, as well as breezy contrasting shirts, loose tees, oh-so-lovely dresses, elegant blazers, adorable skirts, and chunky knits are some of the options available in the lookbook. So no wonder, the lookbook contains it all to help you revitalize your winter closet. Just stop awhile and you’ll certainly find something beautiful for you!

Photos courtesy of Zara