During every fashion season the ponytail is a key look as it is very versatile, easy to achieve and requires very little maintenance once it’s been styled up.

The ponytail is a very convenient and fuss-free way to style your hair as it can be thrown up in two minutes; and if you haven’t got time to wash your hair, you simply can’t tell!

Whether celebrities are attending red carpet events or popping out to do their shopping, it seems that the ponytail is becoming a must-use hairstyle that is here to stay, forever!

But which celebrities are rocking the most stylish and up-to-date ponytails? Here are some celebrity styles that have got our stamp of approval:

Cheryl Cole


(Image courtesy of Stylebistro.com)

As the face of the L’Oréal hair campaigns, it’s pretty essential that Cheryl Cole has a ponytail that’s to die for and it’s safe to say that her ponytail always looks tip top!

Whether it’s a low-set and loosely curled ponytail for a red carpet event or a sleek and polished pony, we think Cheryl would win any contest for the best ponytail hands down.

She always likes to mix it up and shift from straight to waved, positioning the ponytail from high to low which is a great way to create a range of different looks.



(Image courtesy of Littlecity.lovelyish.com)

Superstar Rihanna is always one to stand out from the crowd and one of her most recent ponytails was a long fish-tail style plait which was styled as a side ponytail. As her hair was flame red at this time, the ponytail looked fabulous when contrasted with her modern and contemporary clothing.

Nicole Kidman


(Image courtesy of Sheknows.com)

If you are looking for a very classy and elegant ponytail you need to take a leaf out of Nicole Kidman’s book. Nicole tends to vary the style of her ponytail but her most coveted look is a high ponytail with a strand of hair wrapped around the hairband to conceal all the hard work, genius!

Which celebrity look are you going to try this season?

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