As a society, we have been obsessed with achieving beautiful skin for thousands of years, and so far, most of us haven’t quite figured it out. While the ancient Egyptians were on the right path by using natural oils, dried berries and rose petals to remedy skin ailments, the industrialized world came in and messed everything up.

5 Natural Ways to Inspire Healthy Touchable Skin

Today, the conventional skincare and cosmetics industry is one of the most popular sectors in the consumer world. We spend loads of money on chemical based products that only provide temporary results. And many of these products are formulated with ingredients that can cause troubled skin.

The skin eats and breathes in almost everything we put on it. However, many of us subconsciously mistreat our skin because we do not realize the extreme sensitivity of the organ. We naively splatter synthetic lotions that can clog our pores and spray perfumes that can cause inflammation. In order to inspire truly healthy and touchable appearance, we must revisit the simple ideals of our Egyptian ancestors and seek out natural methods to care for our skin.

5 Natural Ways to Inspire Healthy Touchable Skin:

  • Eat skin-loving foods: The absolute best way to achieve healthy and beautiful skin is to nourish your body with foods that positively benefit the skin. Foods high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals can help fight off free-radicals that are responsible for premature aging. And, foods high in omega fatty acids can help deter discoloration and dry skin. In addition to taking a plant-based multivitamin, make an effort to include healthy portions of berries, salmon, yogurt, flax seed, hemp seed and dark chocolate into your diet.


  • Use natural skin care products: Avoid the use of chemical-based skin care products, the synthetic formulas can negatively alter the PH balance of the skin and promote troubled skin. Instead, seek out natural-based everything. Use natural soaps and washes to cleanse your skin and natural sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays. Use pure coconut oil, as well as pure shea butter and jojoba oils to moisturize your skin and to remedy skin funguses, discoloration, and blackheads. Additionally, look for natural acne products and natural skin tag removal products to remedy unsightly abnormalities without causing negative side effects.


  • Exfoliate often: Exfoliating the skin at least twice a week can help the skin renew itself by aiding the process of shedding old cells. Exfoliating can also stimulate circulation, help open clogged pores, encourage lymph draining, help firm skin and also deter cellulite. You can exfoliate with a natural loofah, bath scrubs or a dry brush.


  • Detox: Detoxing can aid the skin in many ways – by expelling built-up toxins, the immune system will straighten and harmful bacteria, parasites and fungi will be drained away from the digestive system. You can detox by cleansing the colon with fiber, drinking lemon water, juicing with fresh vegetables and also by exercising.


  • Massage: The gentle manipulation of a full body massage can do wondrous things to the integrity of the skin. Massages can help tighten the skin and stimulate circulation. Massaging can also inspire faster healing, deter stress and help release healthy endorphin. Make an effort to receive a head to toe massage at least once a week.

If you have been shying  away from wearing fashionable clothing and accentuating your body because you are self-conscious your troubled skin, giving the five natural tips above a try my work for you.Visit your doctor to rule-out any pre-existing medical conditions if you fail to see any changes. Additionally, making simple lifestyle changes such as quieting smoking, slowing down on alcohol consumption and getting adequate sleep can drastically change the integrity of your skin.